Switch Over to Clean Energy: Beginner’s Guide to Solar Energy & Solar Inverters

Ask any business owner or home owner, which is their biggest utility bill, then the unanimous answer is – electricity. With rising energy bills and frequent power cuts, electricity is one of the pressing worries for business owners and home owners.
This brings us to the question running in the minds of consumers, “Is it worthwhile to switch over to solar energy? Is it feasible? Is it right for me?” In this guide, we answer all your questions about solar energy and help you decide whether you should make the switch.

Why switch over to rooftop solar panels?


Rooftop solar panels are installed on rooftops of businesses and homes. They do not occupy much space and can be installed quickly. If you are still undecided whether solar panels are the right choice for you, here are a few factors to consider:

1. Clean Energy

Solar energy is referred to the cleanest energy on the planet. It is 100% eco-friendly and renewable. It has no negative impact on other natural resources. It harnesses the bountiful energy of the sun. When compared with other traditional energy sources like coal that is diminishing at an accelerating rate, solar energy is plentiful and sustainable. It is the best way to reduce climate change impacts while providing millions of people and businesses with clean energy.

2. Cost-effective Energy

As mentioned above, the price of electricity is increasing significantly. It doesn’t matter where you live in India, energy bills are the biggest expenditure in the monthly bills of homes and businesses. Solar panels are your saviour in minimising energy expenses. Installing solar panels on your rooftop helps you generate clean and uninterrupted energy at no extra cost. The initial cost of the solar panel pays off in the long-run by reducing your energy bills.

What is a solar inverter?

solar inverter converts direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac). Inverters play a crucial role in the solar electric system. Solar panels generated direct current power, whereas consumer appliances run on alternating current. This is where the solar inverter comes into the picture. It converts the generated DC into AC making it suitable for consumer applications.

What is a string inverter?

A string inverter is also known as on-grid inverter or grid-tie inverter. In most residential and commercial solar electricity systems, the solar panels are paired with a single inverter. This inverter is known as a string inverter and offers various advantages like:

  • Low cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Zero maintenance

Single-phase string inverters are the budget-friendly and sustainable choice for small home and business solar rooftop panels. Most string inverters have a fully-digital panel that makes it easy to operate. They work on a reliable MPPT algorithm and offer high conversion rates up to 99.5%. Equipped with protective mechanisms and ultra-high switching frequencies, string inverters are an excellent addition to your solar rooftop panels.

Are solar panels and solar inverters worth it in the long run?

Absolutely. Solar panels and solar inverters are long-term investments. These panels keep on generating solar energy for years to come, reducing your reliability on grid power from your corporation or other local body.
The biggest benefit of solar panels is that it has no adverse impact on the environment. The primary source of solar energy is the sun. The sun’s rays are available for all to use at no extra cost. By using solar panels, we harness the energy from the sun, the most natural source of energy for all of mankind.
Solar panels are without doubt the energy of the future. But many people are still hesitant to invest in solar panels and solar inverters due to the initial costs. Thanks to advances in solar panels and solar technology, today solar inverters are affordable than ever before. If you are still worried about investing in solar panels and solar batteries, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries are a one-time expenditure. They work for decades with little to no repairs. The maintenance is also minimal – you just have to clean the solar panels once in a while and keep it free from dust and other debris for efficient performance.
  • Solar panels can be installed on all rooftops. They are sturdy and robust and can withstand severe weather – be it rain or shine.

In a nutshell, solar panels are a one-time investment that give you the best returns for a long time. Solar energy is poised to become the no.1 method of electricity generation by 2030. Investing in solar panels and solar inverters now gives you a heads-up. To know more about solar batteries and solar inverters, get in touch with EuroIndustriel. Our friendly solar experts will help you with all that you need to know and can help you find the best solar panels and solar inverters suppliers in India.


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