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Wire Mesh is a product created from the intertwining of lustrous wire that has been merged and interweaved to form consistent parallel spaces with symmetrical gaps. There are several materials used in making wire mesh, however, the major materials are generally from metals. The major functions of wire mesh are separating, screening, structuring, and shielding.

Fence type• Barbed wire fence
• Chain Link
• Razor wire
• Plastic mesh
• Concertine Coil
• Precast compound walls
• Electric fence
• Welded Mesh
• Welded Mesh tree guards
• Gabions
• Lettis Trellis fence
• Picket fence
Material• Stainless Steel
• Aluminium
• Nickel
• Carbon Steel
• Copper
• Brass
• Vinyl coated
• Zinc coated
Height• 500-6000 mm
Mesh size• 10 x 10 mm to 100 x 100 mm
Wire diameter• 0.8 mm to 4.5 mm
Application• Vacant Land
• Residential Homes
• Agricultural Land
• Factories
• Apartment Complexes
• Sports Arenas
• Airports
• Parks/Green Spaces
• Gardens
• Highways
• Powerplants
• Forests/ Sanctuaries
• Oil and Gas plants

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