High Capacity Sine Wave Series – The ultimate sophisticated name of high capacity Inverter/UPS packed with the solution of DSP based technology in Single Phase Input- Single Phase Output & Three phase Input – Three Phase Output. This state of the art technological marvel gives you continuous comfort.

  1. One Stop Shop Solution: Hulk sine wave series is one stop shop solution for Cold Start, Pollution Free and Sound Free environment parameters, at a lower running cost than those bulky & nasty generators.
  2. Sine Wave output with constant voltage & frequency.
  3. Sophisticated Inverter/UPS: Safeguards your highly sophisticated electronic & electrical equipments.
  4. IBM Charging Technology: Intelligent Battery Management improves Power Factor up to 0.9 & cuts down electricity bills.
  5. Software Gateway: ASC Technology-Asessing System configuration- It verifies all critical system parameters at the time of start and during the running of the system.
  6. Inbuilt TDR*: Time Delay Relay – Safegaurds compressor equipped appliances during changeover period with a minimum time delay of 2.5 mins.
  7. One more feature in outer wing in the form of PLPO: Peak Load-Peak Output – this special feature is incorporated to ensure smooth running and solves the problem of cold start and ensure high peak handling capacity.
  8. Battery Friendly: Battery Equalizer: Safeguard batteries & assures optimum utilization for a longer life.
  9. Battery Temperature Control: A new benchmark in the industry that improves battery life by 35%, while standardizing the limit of temperature inside the battery by controlling the parameters of charging.
  10. LCD & LED Panels: In-built LCD & LED panels for continuous information about its status.
  11. ECAC Technology: Error Correction Analogue Compare for Low THD- Produces electricity just like as your mains supply.
  12. Static UPS*: Minimizes the chance of rebooting and restarting of sensitive equipments like Computer, DVD Player, Medical Equipments etc. during changeover period.

High Capacity UPS


Battery Voltage

Phase Input Output

2/2.5 KVA24 V1 Phase
3/3.5 KVA48 V1 Phase
5 KVA48/96 V1 Phase
6 KVA120 V1 Phase
7.5 KVA120/180 V1 Phase
10 KVA180 V1/3 Phase
15 KVA360 V1/3 Phase

Model No2/2.5/3/3.5/5/6/7.5/10/15
Battery24/48/96/120/180/360 V
Wave FormSine Wave
Input AC Range110 V - 300 V
Input DC24/48/96/120/180/360 V
Short Circuit300.00%
Charging Current10 A ± 1 A


Solar Hybrid PCU


Battery Voltage

Phase Input Output

2.5 KVA48 V1 Phase
3.5 KVA48 V1 Phase
5 KVA48/96 V1 Phase
7.5 KVA120 V1 Phase
10 KVA192 V1 Phase

Model No2.5/3.557.5/10
Input DC4848/96120/192
Wave FormDSP Sine Wave
Input AC Range110 V - 300 V
Input Volt Range DC44V - 60V±288V-120V±2110V-150V±2
Solar Charge Controller
Maximum IP PV Voltage25V per 12V solar panel
Short Circuit300.00%
Charging Current>30/40/45 A ± 2A
Solar ArraySingle

Energy-efficient & Sustainable Electrical Solutions

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