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Industrial gearboxes play a crucial role in various sectors. They transmit mechanical energy from one device to another while modifying the speed, torque and other attributes. While choosing industrial gearboxes for your project, you have to consider several factors like:

  • The compactness of the device
  • The efficiency of the device
  • The preciseness of the device

A wide product range, high-level of engineering expertise, years of experience, global production standards and stringent quality control make EuroIndustriel your trusted gearbox supplier.

Types of Industrial Gearboxes

Check out the features of different industrial gearboxes:

  • Helical Gearbox
    • Low power usage
    • Compact in size
    • Constant contact for a defined period
    • Low noise
    • High mechanical power
    • Suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications
    • Used in cement, rubber, plastics and other industrial settings
  • Coaxial Helical Inline Gearbox
    • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
    • High efficiency and quality
    • Maximises load and transmission ratios
  • Bevel Helical Gearbox
    • It has a curved set of teeth located on a cone-shaped surface
    • Provides rotary motions
    • Ideally used in the mining industry and quarries and conveyors
  • Skew Bevel Helical Gearbox
    • Defined by its rigid monolithic structure
    • Can withstand heavy loads
    • Highly customisable
  • Worm Reduction Gearboxes
    • Drives heavy-duty operations
    • Ideal for applications that require increased speed
    • Used in heavy industries like minerals, chemicals and fertilisers
  • Planetary Gearboxes
    • Defined by its preciseness, accuracy and endurance
    • It helps in extending the lifespan of your equipment
    • Delivers optimal performance
    • Has various mounting options like shafts, flanges, etc.

Why choose EuroIndustriel for Industrial Gearboxes

With years of experience, EuroIndustriel is the best supplier and distributor of industrial gearboxes, variable speed drives, electric motors and other industrial components. We supply a vast array of the best industrial products spanning a variety of sectors and industries.

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This is why we work in partnership with your procurement team, helping you calculate your requirements. We then help you find the best set of industrial gearboxes for your applications. Besides assisting you purchase new gearboxes, we also help you source replacement parts for old gearboxes. 

Whether you need a standard off-the-shelf solution or require custom-designed gearboxes, our experienced industrial procurement team helps you find the perfect gearboxes to meet your specific needs. With EuroIndustriel, you are assured of the best industrial supplies at quick turnaround times at the best prices on the market.

ApplicationConveyors, Slew Drives, Wheel Drives, Concrete Mixers, Digester Drives, Wire Drawing
TypeCompact Planetary Gearbox with high power to weight ratio.
Torque Range1 kNm to 450 kNm
Reduction Ratio Range3.89 : 1 to 3164 : 1
MountingFoot & Shaft
ApplicationSugar: Top Roller, GRPF & TRPF Drives, Cane Carrier
Cement: Roller Press, Apron Feeder, Central Drive Cement Mill
TypeHigh bending (strength) & pitting (wear) safeties for the gears. Available in lnline, Helical+Planetary, Bevel+Helical+Planetary combinations
Torque RangeTorque range up to 4500 kNm (foot mounted),
Torque range 55 kNm to 900 kNm (shaft mounted)
Reduction Ratio Range16 : 1 to 1600 : 1
MountingFoot & Shaft
ApplicationAgitators, Conveyors, Crushers, Cranes, Larger Ball Mills, Mixers, Aerators, Coal Pulverizing Mills, Fin Cooler Drives, Kneaders, Thickeners
TypeHelical & bevel helical in horizontal/vertical models
Power RangeUp to 8675 kW
Reduction Ratio RangeUp to max ratio 657 : 1
ApplicationMain Hoist, Auxiliary Hoist, Long Travel, Cross Travel, Ladle Crane,
Transfer Trolley, Level Luff
TypeHelical in horizontal/vertical models for up to 600 tons capacity cranes
Power RangeUp to 950 kW
Reduction Ratio RangeReduction ratio range up to 380 : 1
ApplicationConveyor, Ball Mill, Tubemill, Packing, Mixers, Agitators, Cranes, Winches, Folding & Hoisting
TypeUnder driven, over driven, vertical units in single & double reduction
RangePower range up to 250 kW
Reduction ratio range up to 4900 : l
TorqueUp to 1,65,000 Nm
Under Driven, Over Driven, Vertical Units in Single & Double reduction

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