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Food & Beverage Machinery & Spare Parts

Our team of procurement professionals offer you long-term solutions, in addition to helping you meet immediate sourcing requirements. So, whether you’re looking to source raw materials from different suppliers across the globe or need the right industrial equipment, we can handle it all. Our team of experienced and expert procurement specialists will help you streamline your supply management while identifying key opportunities and reducing costs.

Dairy, Cheese & Egg Processing

CrystallizersButter ChurnersHeat Exchangers
Cream SeparatorsSeasoning SystemChurning Equipment
Egg Drying SolutionsPasteurization LinesDosing & Fermentation
Yogurt Production LinesUHT Pasteurization LinesCheese Production Lines
Egg Processing SolutionsMilk & Whey Drying LinesReverse Osmosis Equipment
Washing & Breaking Systems

Candy & Chocolate Processing

MoldersBelt LinesDepositor
ExtrudersEriksen LinesAroma System
Feeder MixersMelting TanksMolding Lines
Cooling TunnelErikson RollersPressing Machine
Chewing Gum LinesTempering MachineEnrobing Machinery
Blenders & MixersDecorating MachinesJensen Moulding Lines
Candy Production LinesUniversal Moulding LinesChocolate Production Lines

Coffee & Cocoa Processing

PulperBean CrushersGrinding Mills
Hulling MachineCocoa PulverisersSealing Machinery
Nut Roasting LinesCocoa Roasting LinesGreen Bean Handling
Cocoa Roasting PlantCoffee Grinding LinesGrain Seed Processing

Baking Machinery

Dough MakerFlour SievesBakery Lines
Cup Cake LinesCereals LinesDough Sheeter
Sheet RollersBaby Food LinesSorbitol Production
Cutters & MouldersCake Production LinesBread Production Lines
Cookie Processing LinesProofers & RetardersBiscuit Production Lines
Cream Preparation LinesGranola Production LinesRice Processing Machines
Starch Modification Lines

Meat & Fish Processing

FillersTray SealersReady Meal Lines
Cutting EquipmentSlicing EquipmentBlending Equipment
Deboning EquipmentFreezing SystemGrinding Equipment
Skinning EquipmentMeat Protein DryingSeasoning Equipment
Marination EquipmentSurimi Production LinesSausage Production Lines
Tuna Fish Processing LinesFish Nugget & Sausage Lines

Food Grade Material Handling

Bulk Bag JibBulk Bag Lift FrameCan Grippers
Can GrippersCable Drag ConveyorsExpanding & Flexible Conveyors
Flexible Screw ConveyorsGantry CranesCompact Goods Hoists
Pallet InvertersReel LiftersRoll Lifters
Pallet Return & Stack DevicePallet PositionersRacks
Roll ManipulatorRoll TurnersSpring Balancers
Bread CratesBellboy TrolleysHydraulic Drum Trolleys
Special Purpose TrucksLow Headroom UnloadersVacuum Order Picker

Vegetable Processing

BlancherPea PodderFreezer/IQF
Recovery DrumsSludge ScrapersGrading System
Barrel ControlSlicing & Cutting System

Tomato-Sauce, Ketchup

Tomato WashersSorting TableTransfer Pumps
Receiving TanksPulp PreheatersInfeed Conveyors
Pulper cum FinisherTomato Juice ExtractorsTomato Reception System
Scraped Surface EvaporatorsFruit Washing Grading SystemPulp Storage Tanks
Filter Spares

Fruit-Pulp, Juices and Jam

TanksPumpsFruit Washers
Sorting TableInline FiltersFruit Destoners
Cold/Hot BreakInfeed ConveyorsPulping Machine
Paste PasteurizersVacuum EvaporatorsPulper cum Finisher
Shell & Tube Heat ExchangerTubular PasteurizersPastuerizing System Spares

Cleaning & Polishing

Crate WashersBottle WashersMobile Washers
Barrel WashersSampling WashersStainless Washers
Twin Dump WashersBelt Type BlanchersMulti Wash Machine
Brush Roller WashersScrew Type BlanchersFiltration Equipment
Universal Rod WashersBrush Polishing SystemTank Cleaning Equipment
Pre Washing Brush RollersWasher Spares

Packaging & Filling

Bulk Pack FillersRotary Pump FillersCan Filling Machines
Jam Filling MachinesPulp Filling MachinesJuice Filling Machines
Bottle Filling MachinesSachet Filling MachinesAseptic Filling Machines
Food Pallet PackagingStretch Hood Pallet WrappingShrink Packaging System
Heat Shrink PackagingContinuous Sealing MachineBox Palletizers
Bag PalletizersForm Fill & Seal MachinesAuto Packing Machine


Acetic acidAcids & BasesAmino Acids
Anti-OxidantsBuffering AgentsChelating Agents
Chromatography Columns & MediaCitric AcidFormic Acid
Ion-Pair ReagentspH Buffer SolutionsPhosphoric Acid
PreservativesPurified WaterSalts, Minerals & Sugars
SolubilizersSPE columnsStandard Solutions
Stearic AcidSuspending AgentsSweeteners
Volumetric Solutions & Concentrates

Production Lines

Juice LinesWater LinesSoft Drink Lines
Cold Filling LineSugar Syrup LinesCan Production Lines
Tea Production LinesBeverage Filling Line

Processing Equipment

Processing EquipmentBlendersChillers
CIP SystemsFlow MetersHomogenizers
Carbo-CoolersHeat ExchangersPre-mix Equipment
Flash PasteurizersNitrogen GeneratorPost-Mix Equipment
Nitrogen Injection SystemsChilling Machinery Spares

Pulping Equipment

WarmersFine PulpersBlow Molding
UnscramblersRotary PulpersBCoarse Pulpers
Pulper FinisherRinsers/CleanersMulti Stage Pulpers
Accumulation TablesBliss Box EquipmentSingle Stage Pulpers
Pulp Filling MachinesPulping System Spares


Tray ErectorsBottle FillersCase Equipment
Packing SystemPallet WrappersShrink Wrappers
Contour ApplicatorsJuice Filling MachinePouch Packing Machine
Food Packaging MachineCan Reforming MachineryPalletizers/Depalletizers
Packaging System Spares

Spice Cleaning & Grading

SifterDestonerDrum Graders
VibrogradersColor SortersSeed Cleaners
Vibro ScreensColor SortersSeed Cleaners
Optical SortersVacuum SeparatorsCentrifugal Sieves
Gravity SeparatorsSpice Seeds GradersSpice Cleaning Machine
Superfine Cleaner Graders

Spice Roasting & Grinding

Spice MillsHammer MillsWet Pulverizers
Four-Roller MillsPounding MachineImpact Pulverizers
Gas Spice RoastersWood Spice RoastersDrum Spice Roasters
Rotary Spice RoastersDouble-Stage Pulverizers

Spice Mixing & Blending

Pug MixersSpice MixersPaddle Mixers
Mixer GrindersPlow BlendersRibbon Blenders
Paddle BlendersJar Mixer GrindersTwin Shaft Mixers
Fluidizing BlendersDouble Cone BlendersPaddle Ribbon Blenders

Spices Packaging System

Bag ClampsPlatform ScalesNet Weight Fillers
Servo Auger FillersCollar Auger FillersPouch Packing Machines
Powder Filling MachineSpice Packaging SystemShrink Wrapping Machine
Stretch Wrapping Machine

Alcohol Distilleries

Evaporation PlantDistillation PlantFermentation Vessels
Alcohol Storage TanksGrain Cleaning SystemLiquefaction Equipment
Grain Handling SystemsSaccharification SystemElectrical & Control Systems
Distillery Spares

Storage System & Filters

CO2 FiltersMicron FiltersSparkling Filters
Divert PanelsCIP PumpsBlending Tanks
Bottling TanksCO2 Receiver TanksDM Water Tanks
ENA Storage TanksFlavor Key TanksFlavour Dosing Tanks
Hot Caustic TanksHot Water TanksSugar Syrup Tanks
Tank Spares

Alcohol Bottling System

CarbonatorsCase SealersChuck Cappers
Case PackersPiston FillersCase Erectors
Bottle CleanersSpindle CappersCork Cap Presses
Overflow FillersFlow Meter FillersPalletizing System
Pump Filling MachinesLinear Filling SystemBottle Warming Tunnels
Molten Filling MachinesHand-Held Chuck CappersCarton Sealing Machines
Bottle Rinsing MachinesCounter Pressure FillersGravity Filling Machine
Rotary Labelling MachineSanitary Overflow FillersOverflow Fillers
Net Weight Filling MachinesPressure Sensitive LabelersBottling Machinery Spares

Pressing & Rendering Machinery

Fat Pressing MachineSingle Drum ScreensOil Pressing Machine
Meal Pressing MachineFeature Rendering MachineMeat Processing Machinery
Water Press MachineProtein Rendering EquipmentMicro Drums
Stationary ScreensSealed Drum SeparatorsFat Oil Rendering Machine

Solvent Extraction

Dust CatchersFlaking SystemHydraulic Presses
Rotocel ExtractorsTowline ExtractorsPneumatic Conveyors
Loop Type ExtractorsCorrugated Roller MillsAir Tight Conveyors

Oil Refining

Dewaxing MachineBleaching MachineDeodorizing System
Winterizing SystemNeutralizing SystemFatty Acid Condensers
Hydrogenation SystemOil Degumming SystemChemical Refining System
Physical Refining SystemSpent Nickel Catalyst Refining

Animal Fat Processing

Disc Stack SeparatorsBottom Mounted AgitatorsSide Mounted Agitators
Cartoning SystemHPNC Steam BoilerPlate & Frame Heat Exchangers
Centrifugal SeparatorsPumpsSight Glasses
Tank LegBase Plate

Hydrogenation System

Magnetic CouplingsSolid Addition FunnelsPlate Heat Exchangers
Internal Gas Recirculation SystemLiquid Feed SystemHydrogenation Reactors
Polycondensation ReactorsPressure ReactorsMechanical Seals
Sheets Gasket SealsHollow ShaftsSparging Tubes
Turbine Stirrer

Withering System

Continuous Withering SystemDrying TunnelsHot Air Rub-Wither Machine
Mechanised Withering SystemWithering MeshesOolong Tea Rub-Wither Machine
Tea Withering RacksTea Withering MachineWithering Troughs
Wither Environment Control MachineWithering Machine Spares

Tea Fixation System

Coal Heating Fixation MachineTea DrumsElectric Fixation Machine
Electromagnet Fixation MachineGas Heating Fixation MachineGreen Tea Fixation Machine
LNG Fixation MachineMicrowave Tea Fixation MachineTea Fixation Pots
Metal RollersRolling Tea Fixation MachineTrinx Sorters
Fixation Machine Spares

Tea Leaves Cutting Machinery

Ball Breaker MachineDryer Feeding ConveyorsCTC Cutters
Electric Tea CuttersMini Tea CuttersPortable Tea Cutters
Rotary DrumsFermenting MachineTea Pluckers
Rotor Vane MachineTea Leaf ShreddersCutting Machinery Spares

Drying & Sorting Machine

Bulk Storage BinsDryer DischargeChain Plate Tea Driers
Coal & Electric Tea DriersElectric Tea DriersGas Tea Driers
ElevatorID FansHeater
Hot Air ImpellerPackaging SystemVacuum Pumping Packers
Tea Sorting MachineTea Bag Packaging MachineTea Deblocking System
Dryer SparesSorting Machinery Spares



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