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Pulp & Paper Machinery & Spare Parts

Paper manufacturing is one of the most technically demanding industries with dozens of raw materials and using highly-specialised machines. With years of experience supplying high-quality pumps to the paper industry, EuroIndustriel can help you procure the best quality paper manufacturing equipment from the best suppliers across the globe.

Chipping Machinery

Chip OptimizerDiesel Powered ChippersDisc Chippers
Drum ChippersGravity Fed ChippersHand Fed Chippers
Horizontal ChippersPower Take Off ChippersScrew Chippers
Whole Tree ChippersStump GrindersMulch Spreaders
MulcherRechipperDisc Screens
Gyratory ScreensJet ScreensOPTI Screens
Oversize SizersOverthick Sizers 


Belt ConveyorsChain ConveyorsDrag Chain Conveyors
Pan ConveyorsPneumatic ConveyorsRoller Conveyors
Screw ConveyorsBucket ElevatorsApron Feeders

Debarking Drum System

Flail DebarkersHydrostatic DebarkersMobile Drum Debarkers
Rosser Head DebarkersRotary DebarkersRubber Tire Debarkers
Steel Wheel DebarkersChute FeedersHorizontal Feeders
Positive Batch FeedersButt Flare ReducersSteel Shells

Loaders & Cranes

Log Boom CranesPortal CranesRotating Portal Cranes
Woodyard CranesCrawler Mounted LoadersFront End Loaders
Skid Steer LoadersSemi Grouser Shoes 

Hydraulic System

CalanderLocking CylindersPressing Cylinders
DiffusersDigestersPope Reel Hydraulics
Rider Roll ControlsCoat RollsPress Rolls
Stock WashersWinders

Pulp Cooking

BeatersBatch CookersContinuous Cookers
Tube CookersDisplacement DigestersHorizontal Pulp Digesters
Rotary DigestersTubular DigestersVertical Pulp Digesters
Blow Tanks  

Pulp Washing

Approach SystemsCleaners - High Density CleanerFiber Mat
Disc FiltersSingle Screw PressesTwin Roll Presses
Frame ShaftsSuspensionCaustic Lye Tanks
Pulp Dilution TanksSave-all TanksDisc Thickeners
Pitcher WashersVacuum Drum WashersWater Showers
Wire Mesh  

Pulp Screening

Pressure FilterKnot Pumping SystemPressure Knotters
Low Energy Rotors3F ScreensCentrifugal Screens
Classification ScreensCoarse ScreensCombi Screens
Cowan ScreensFine ScreeningInner Flow Screens
Johnson ScreensMedium Consistency ScreensOptiScreen
Pressure ScreensProtection ScreensVibrating Screens

Pulp Bleaching

Brawn Pulp ChestCenti-CleanersMedium Consistency Mixers
Stand PipesBlow TanksBrown Stock Towers
Chlorine TowersDouble Roller MixersHigh Density Towers
Oxygen Storage Towers  

Pulp Processing

Bagasse Moist Depithing SystemBagasse Wet Cleaning SystemDigester Feed Systems
Screw PressesStraw Preparation SystemThickener Assembly
Decker ThickenersStock ThickenersVAT Thickeners


Agalite or TalcAlkyl Ketene DimerAlabaster or Annaline
Alganic AcidAlumAlbarine
Animal GlueBarium CarbonateCasein
Chlorine DioxideChlorine GasClay or Kaolin
Mineral White or PlasterHydrogen PeroxideHypochlorous Acid
LimeLime StoneMagnesium Bisulfite

Paper Mill

BlowersCylinders - M.G. CylinderDampers
Drive ArrangementsFRP DuctingBleach Washer Hoods
Static MixersR.F. Cylinder MouldsOnline Coating Station
Paper Machine Dryer SectionSize PressesCLO2 Reactors
Hydro ReactorsLead Lined ReactorsDrum Reelers
RewinderProcess & Storage TanksCLO2 Towers

Wet Press System

C.I. SoleplateFormersHead Box
Bye NipsTri NipsPick up System
Cylinder Mould PressesPressurized Wire PartSuction System

Board & Tissue

Air SystemsChlorine Dioxide EquipmentDe-aeration Systems
Drying SystemForming SystemHeadbox
Bleach Washer HoodsStatic MixersStatic Mixers
Paper Machine CleaningPressing SystemsPumps & Agitators
Hypo ReactorsScreening SystemSteel Yankee
Tail ThreadingTransfer BoxesWeb Stabilization

Drying & Conversion

Brush CalendersHard CalandersHigh Gloss Calenders
Multi Nip CalandersSoft CalandersCoating Plants
Doctor HoldersMS/CI DriersGears
Size PressesPope Reels 

Recausticizing System

Power BoilersRecovery BoilersCausticizer
Green Liquor ClarifiersWhite Liquor ClarifiersLime Slakers
Black Liquor EvaporatorsLime Mud FiltersLime Kilns
Dregs MixersRecausticizerDregs Washers
Lime Mud Washers  

Pre-Hydrolysis & Evaporating

Diamondback Chip BinsChip Pre Steaming SystemConcentrators
Effluent EvaporatorsMulti Effect EvaporatorsMVR Evaporators
Pre-EvaporatorsHydrolystate Treating SystemChip Pumps

Stock Preparation & Storage

Broke Treatment SystemDe-aeration SystemsDe-Inking Systems
Deflaking SystemsDewatering System Dewatering SystemDispersing System
Fiber Recovery SystemsLow-consistency RefiningChlorine Mixers
Pulping SystemsStock PumpsTower Pumps
Recycled Fiber ProductionRecycled Pulp Cleaning SystemRecycled Pulp Screening
RefinerSludge DewateringStock Chests
Thickening MachinesVirgin Fiber Stock Preparation 



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