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Water & Waste Water Treatment Machineries, Equipment & Spares.

Water & Wastewater Industry Water is truly the elixir of life. Today, several factors like increasing population, rapid urbanisation, changing climates, wastewater processing have become the need of the hour. However, wastewater processing is a highly complicated process, requiring huge machinery. It’s also power intensive. EuroIndustriel helps you secure the right equipment can help you overcome these challenges and improve efficiency.

 De-Ionization System

Resin Collectors Counter-Flow Cation ExchangerDistributor
Multi Grade FiltersMixed Bed ExchangerRegenerant Reuse System
Mixed Bed ResinsStrong Acid Cation (SAC) ResinsStrong Base Anion (SBA) Resins
Weak Acid Cation (WAC) ResinsWeak Base Anion (WBA) ResinsSight Glasses
Counter-Flow RegenerationPacked Bed RegenerationThrough Fare Regeneration
Continuous Deionizers

Filtration System

Candle FiltersDouble Flow Filters Multi Grade Filters
Multi Layer FiltersPrecoat FiltersRapid Gravity Filters
Synder Filtration SystemTubular FiltersFlat Sheet Membranes
Hollow Fiber Membranes Nanofiltration MembranesSpiral Wound Membranes
Sanitary Spiral Wound Elements

De-Alkalization System

Aerated Effluent StorageChloride Anion De-Alkalizers Conc. H2SO4 Measuring Tanks
DecarbonatorDirect Acid InjectionH2 Regeneration Tanks
Hydrogen Zeolite UnitIon-Exchanger SystemLime Precipitation System
Split Stream Dealkalizers

Degasser System

Centrifugal BlowersDG BlowersDegasser Blowers
Drain Enclosed Skid MountingsDeaeration Pumps
PP Ranching RingsPP RingsRCC Degasser Sumps
Degasser TowerPVC Perforated TraysVacuum Deaerators

Condensate Polishing Unit

Mixed Bed Polishing UnitResin TrapResin Transfer Header
Anion Regeneration UnitSeparatorsInterface Mixed Resin Unit
External Regeneration UnitCation Regeneration UnitSkid Mounted Assembly

Tanks & Pumps

Acid PumpsAlkaline Dosing PumpsAntiscalant Dosing Pumps
Chlorine Dosing PumpsCleaning PumpsDiaphragm Dosing Pumps
Electronic Dosing Pumps High Pressure Pumps Hydraulic Diaphragm Pumps
PH Dosing PumpsRaw Water PumpsScrew Pumps
SMBS Dosing Pumps Acid Measuring TanksAcid Regeneration Tanks
Acid Storage TanksAlkali Measuring TanksAlkali Regeneration Tanks
Antiscalant Dosing TanksChlorine Dosing TanksCleaning Tanks
PH Dosing TanksRaw Water TanksRaw Water Tanks
SMBS Dosing TanksTreated Water Tanks

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Antiscalant Chemical DosingAntiscalant Dosing SystemDechlorination Dosing System
Dosing System - Post-ChlorinationDosing System - Pre-ChlorinationElement
Fully Automatic RO PlantMobile RO Plant Ozonator
Post pH Dosing System Booster Pumps Cleaning Pumps
Feed Water PumpsFeed/Backwash PumpsHigh Pressure Pumps
Product Water PumpsProduct Water TanksRaw Water Tanks
Pure Water Storage Raw Water Storage TanksUltra Filtration Plant

Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

Chemical Dosing UnitsProduct & Reject Flow Meters FRP Membrane Housings
Membrane ElementsTFC Spiral Wound MembranesORP Controller With Sensor
Permeate TDS Monitor Ph Controller With SensorS.S. High Pressure Pipes
PLC Based Control Panel & VFDPowder Coated Steel Frames Pressure Exchanger
Pre-Filter Pressure GaugesPressure Vessels - VesselsBooster Pumps
Sea Water Resistant Pumps Cleaning Skids UV Sterilizers
Tank Level SwitchesLow & High Pressure SwitchesAuto Feed Shut Off Valves
S.S. Throttling ValvesAutomatic Water Softeners

RO Membranes

Diamond Bowls Regular Bowls Super Bowls
Concealed Membrane Housing Membrane HousingMicrofiltration Membranes
Nano Filtration (NF) MembranesSeawater MembranesTFC Spiral Wound Membranes
Ultrafiltration MembranesSingle O RingsTransparent Housing

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)

Chemical Dosing System Coagulation & Flocculation SystemElectrical Control Panel
Bag FiltersCartridge Filters Multi-Media Filters
Multimedia Filters Spiral Wound MembranesPressure Exchangers
CIP PumpsFeed PumpsHigh Pressure Pumps
RO ModuleRO Product Water StorageSedimentation System
RO Skids CIP TanksRaw Water Feed Tanks
GRP Pressure Vessels

Gas -Chlorination Plant

Air Release Analyzer Sample Supply Line Auto Switchover Module
Auto Valve Shut Off System Chlorine Residual AnalyzersChlorine Cylinders
Cylinders - Nitrogen CylinderEjector Booster Pumps
Deep Well PumpsSafety Chain Insect Screens
StrainerGas Vacuum TubingVacuum Regulators
Check Valves

Electro-Chlorination Plant

AgitatorTitanium Coils Compressor
Electro-Chlorinator ElectrolyzerElectrolyzer Cells
H2 Surge UnitHydrogen Dilution BlowerMembrane Antiscalants
MixerPlastic BlowersBrine Dosing Pumps
Hypo Dosing Pumps Acid Storage Tanks Brine Tanks
Hypo Storage Tanks Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks Transformer Rectifier
Non Return Valves (NRV) Water Softener

Domestic Chlorination Plant

Gas BendsGas BendsCL2 Cylinders
Dust/Water Glass TrapSecondary FiltersSafety Gauges
Flow MetersPanel BoardTeflon Pipes
PVC Moisture Nut PVC Tee Safety Loop
Solution OutletSolutionizerCylinder Valves
Drain Out ValvesGlass Non Return ValvesNeedle Valves
Valves - Water Inlet ValveWater Chlorine Mixing Chambersolar Powered Chlorination

Chlorination Plant Chemicals

Calcium HypochloriteChlorine DioxideGaseous Chlorine
Sodium Hydroxymethane Sulfinic AcidSodium HydroxymethanesulfonateSodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Thiosulfate

Sludge Plant Reactors

Acid Dosing System Air Diffuser GridDiffuser Blocks
Coagulant Dosing SystemNaOH Dosing SystemOxidiser Dosing System
Polymer Dosing SystemReturn Activated SludgeAerobic Selectors
Sequenced Batch ReactorSettling Tanks Plug Flow Reactors
Step Feed Reactors Closed Loop Reactors


Final ClarifiersFlash MixersAeration Tanks
Biological Oxidation TanksCollection TanksEqualization Tanks
Final Treated Water TanksFlocculation TanksGrit Removal Tanks
Intermediate Storage Tanks Neutralization TanksReaction Tanks
Sludge Holding TanksStorage Tanks

Trickling Biofilter

BiofilmCollection ChamberFilter Media
Filter SupportTrickling FiltersFeed Pipes
Spraying SystemSprinklersRotary Sprinklers
Thickening PondsUnderdrains Systems


Compartmentalised Aeration SystemCoco Husk Fiber FiltersCombination Aeration Filters
MBBR Media FiltersSAFF Media FiltersSubmerged Aerated Filters
Suspended Media FiltersTube Deck Media FiltersLoop Reactor System
RDX Filter Media

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Biological Treatment SystemFalling Film Brine ConcentratorsElectrodialysis Cell
Forced Circulation CrystallizersHorizontal Spray Film EvaporatorsMembrane Pre-Concentrators
Hydrophobic MembranesMicroporous MembranesSemi Permeable Membranes
PolystyreneSulfonated PolystyrenePump
Quaternary AmmoniaVapour Pressure ControlStorage Vessels

Frame Filter Press Dewatering

Compressed Air SystemFilter ClothFiltration Chamber
Filtration EvacuationJackFlash Mixers
Vertical Hollow PlatesFilter PressMembrane Filter Press
High Pressure PumpsSludge DredgerSludge Pressure Injection
Chemical TanksMud TanksPoly Solution Tanks
Tube Pack Media

Centrifuge Dewatering System

Baffle DiscMain BearingsScrew Front Bearings
BowlBasket CentrifugesHigh Performance Centrifuges
Scroll DrivesFiltrateGear Reducer
Differential MotorsLiquid RingsVibro Screens
Filter ScrewsHelical ScrollsWeir

Belt Filter Dewatering

Cleaning RampCompression UnitDewatering Station
FlocculatorHand Pressing StationHigh Pressure Washing Station
Picket FenceBelt PressConical Reactors
Discharge RollersDrive RollersHigh Pressure Rollers
Tracking RollersSoft Pressing StationRotary Drum Thickening Belts


Ballasted Clarification SystemCircular ClarifiersConventional Clarifiers
Inclined Plate ClarifiersLamella ClarifiersRectangular Clarifiers
Solids Contact ClarifiersEffluent DecantersDissolved Air Flotation System
Gravity Oil/Water SeparatorLime Soda SofteningSludge Thickeners


Electro Chlorination PumpsUltra Filtration PumpsAcid Dosing Pumps
Acid Unloading PumpsAlkali Dosing PumpsAlkali Unloading Pumps
Anti Sealant Dosing PumpsAntioxidant Dosing PumpsBooster Pumps
Coagulant Acid Dosing PumpsCoagulant Transfer PumpsContinuous Dosing Pumps
Gravity Filter PumpsPotable Water PumpsR.O. Cartridge Filter Pumps
R.O. Cleaning PumpsR.O. High Pressure PumpsRegeneration Pumps
Reject Disposal PumpsService Water Feed PumpsShock Dosing Pumps
Sludge Dosage PumpsSMBS Dosing PumpsUF Back Wash Pumps
UF Cleaning Pumps

Fittings & Accessories

Single Housing BracketsBody ClampsC Clamps
Membrane Housing ClampsFaucetsRO UV Filter Set
Flow MeterpH MeterSalinity Meter
TDS MeterTube RollsFloat Valves
Auto Multi Port ValvesDouble Side WrenchesSingle Side Wrenches

Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings

Rubber Suspension BushesRubber DrumsEPDM Rubber Profiles
Rubber Expansion BellowsCentrifuge Rubber Rubber LiningsChemical Resistant Rubber Linings
Corrosion Resistant Rubber LiningsEbonite Rubber LiningsNatural Rubber Linings
Pressure Rubber LiningsRubber Pipe LiningsTank Rubber Linings
Vessel Rubber LiningsVessel Tank Rubber

Monitoring & Analysis

Conductivity SensorsHydrostatic Level TransmittersLevel Transmitters
Magnetic FlowmetersOnline AnalyzersPressure Transmitters
Smart Wireless GatewaysTurbidity SystemUltrasonic Sludge Density Measurement
Universal ControllersVibrating Fork Level Switches



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