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A tool is an object that can extend an individual’s ability to modify features of the surrounding environment. Tools can be further classified as Hand operated tools, Pneumatic tools and Power tools.

Power Drills & HammersCordless Drills, Electric Drills, Electric Rotary Hammers, Electric Hammer Drills,Length: 3.75 - 23.5 inches4 - 120 VOLT AC/DCRotary Only, Rotary Percussion, Percussion Only
Powered ScrewdriversCordless Screwdrivers, Depth-Limiting Cordless Screwdrivers, Cordless Impact DriversLength: 6.25 - 10 inches20 - 30 V DC
120 V AC
Screw GunsDrywall Screw Gun, Metal Fastening Screw Gun, Subflooring Screw GunLength: 10 - 20.5 inches18 - 20 V DCNA
Heat GunsPistol-Grip Heat Guns, Pistol-Grip Heat Guns with LCD Displays, Wand-Style Heat Gun, Industrial Polyethylene Shrink Heat Guns, Surface Temperature Heat Guns with LCD Displays, Polyolefin & PVC Shrink Heat Guns, Wand-Style Heat Guns with LCD DisplaysNA18 - 20 V DC
120 - 240 V AC
Grinders & Cut-Off ToolsAngle Grinders, Concrete & Masonry Grinders & Planers, Cut-Off Tools, Die Grinders, Grinder Accessories, Straight Wheel Grinders, Tool Post Grinders6 - 18.722 inches0.2 hp - 4 hp
18 - 120 DC
110 - 240 AC
Nail Guns, Staple Guns & Rivet ToolsNail Guns, Powder-Actuated Tools, Power Riveting Tools, Power Staple GunNA6 - 12 V DCNA
SandersBelt & Disc Sanders, Belt Sanders, Corded Sanders, Cordless Sanders, Floor Sanders, Specialty SandersNA0.25 - 5 hp
12 - 460 V AC
18 - 20 V DC
Power Cutting ToolsCement Board Shears, Corded Shears, Cordless Shears, Power Cable CuttersNA10.8 - 24 V DC
120 V AC
HammersMallet, Ball Peen, Dead Blow, Sledge, Nail, Blacksmith, Sheet Metal, Forming, Riveting, Masonry, Tack, Palm Grip, Spike, Delicate Metal, Forming, Welding, Slide Sledge

Face Diameter: 0.1875 - 4 inches

Overall Length: 3.5 - 46 inches

Aluminum, Aluminum- Bronze, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Lead, Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Wood, ZincRound, Rectangle
ScrewdriversScrewdrivers, Bit Screwdrivers, Reversible-Bit Screwdriver, Changeable-Shaft Screwdrivers, Precise-Control Screwdrivers, Precise-Control Bit Screwdrivers, Tight-Clearance Offset Screwdrivers, Torque Screwdrivers, Impact Screwdriver, Scredrivers BitsOverall Length: 2.25 - 28 inchesSteel, Stainless Steel, Beryllium Copper, TitaniumDrilled Spanner, Hex, JIS/JCIS, Phillips, Phillips Terminal Screw, Slotted Square, Tamper Resistant Hex, Tamper- Resistant Torx, Torx, Torx Plus
NutdriversNutdrivers, Reversible-Bit Nutdrivers, Stubby Nutdrivers, Pass-Through Fastener-Holding Nutdrivers, Fastener-Holding Nutdrivers, Flexible-Shaft Nutdriver Sets, Electrical-Insulating Nutdrivers, Nutdrivers for Stainless Steel Fasteners, Nonsparking Nutdrivers, Nutdriver Bits, Precise-Control NutdriversOverall Length: 3.5 - 21.25 inchesSteel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum-BronzeExternal Hex
WrenchesCombination Wrenches, Open-End Wrenches, Square Drive Sockets and Ratchet Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Box Wrenches, Socket Wrenches, Changeable-Head Torque Wrenches, Spanner Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches, Strap and Chain Wrenches, Cleanout Plug Wrenches, Drum Plug Wrenches
, Fire Hose Fitting and Hydrant Wrenches, Valve Wheel Wrenches, Welding Tank Wrenches, Shut-Off Valve Wrenches, Sink Drain Wrenches, Tap Wrenches, Die Wrenches, Lathe Chuck Wrenches
0.028 - 6.75 inchesAluminum, Aluminum Magnesium, Aluminum-Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Bronze, Foam, Iron, Neodymium, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, TitaniumRounded, 12-Point, 6-Point, Hex, Spline, 4-Point, 12-Point Secure Grip, Hex Secure Grip, V, Square, Torx, 5-Point
PliersLong-Nose Pliers, Precise-Control Long-Nose Pliers, Screw-Extracting Long-Nose Pliers, Tweezer-Style Long-Nose Pliers, Adjustable Pliers, Slip-Joint Pliers, Locking Pliers, Wire Gripping and Cutting Pliers, Bent-Nose Pliers, Pliers for Filters and Fittings, Screw-Extracting Pliers, Wire-Forming Pliers, Parallel-Jaw Pliers, Hose and Tube Pliers, MIG Welding Pliers, Pliers for Cord Grips, Tongs, Pliers-Style Tongs, Clamps, Wire Cutters, Static-Control Wire Cutters, Electrical-Insulating Wire Cutters, Nonsparking Wire Cutters, Air-Powered Wire Cutters, Bolt, Chain, and Wire Rope Cutters, Sheet, Bar, and Strip Cutters, Electrical and Data Cable Cutters, Glass Tube Cutters, Electrical Wire Strippers, Scissors, Squeeze-and-Strip Flat Electrical Cable Strippers, Electrical Connector Crimpers, Combination Electrical Wire Strippers and Crimpers, Data and Coaxial Cable Strippers, Crimpers, and Tools, Benders, Crimpers, & Flarers, Power Transmission, Hose-Crimping PliersJaw Length: 0.25 - 6.125 inchesSteel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic, Aluminum-Bronze, Rubber, Aluminum, Zinc, Beryllium Copper, IronStandard, Slim, Wide, Straight, Bent
SawsHeavy Duty Hacksaws, Straight-Handle Hacksaws for Tight Spaces, Compact Hacksaws for Tight Spaces, Light Duty Hacksaws, Coping Saws for Tight Curves, Deep-Cut Fret Saws for Tight Curves, Flush-Cut Hacksaws, Electrical-Insulating Hacksaws, Nonsparking Hacksaws, Handsaws for Wood, High-Precision Handsaws for Wood, Folding Pocket Handsaws for Wood, Flush-Cut Handsaws for Wood, Fast-Cut Handsaws for Wood, Handsaws for Plastic, Fast-Cut Handsaws for Drywall, Handsaws for Drywall, Long-Life Handsaws for Drywall, Cable Saws for PVC Pipe, Handsaws for Masonry, Cable Saws for Wood, Manual Miter Saws, Nonsparking Hacksaw Blades, Folding Pruning Saws9.25 - 39 inchesAluminum, Steel, Zinc, Plastic, Aluminum-BronzeNA
StaplersStaplers, Box Staplers, Stapler/Brad Nailers, Wire and Cable Staplers, Hog Ring Pliers, Office Staplers, Staples, and Removers,Length: 6.5 - 36 inchesSteel, Plastic, AluminumFlat, Insulated, Curved, Rolled
ChiselsChisels for Metal, Chisels for Wood, Chisels for Masonry

Overall Length: 0.875 - 18 inches

Blade Width: 0.0625 - 4 inches

Steel, Aluminum-BronzeStraight, Rounded, Diamond, V-Channel, Angled, Pointed
Air-Powered Drills & DriversAir-Powered Inline & Right-Angle Drills, Air-Powered Pistol-Grip Drills, Air-Powered Screwdrivers6 - 24 inches0.15 - 1 hpNA
Air-Powered Grinders & Cut-Off ToolsAir-Powered Angle Grinders, Air-Powered Cut-Off Tools, Air-Powered Die Grinders, Air-Powered Pencil Grinders, Air-Powered Straight Wheel Grinders, Air-Powered Vertical Grinders4.5 - 49 inches0.1 hp - 4 hpNA
Air-Powered HammersAir-Powered Hammers

Shank Size: 0.401 - 0.89 inches

Stroke Length: 0.625 - 9 inches

900 - 5000 bpm ( blow per minute)NA
Air-Powered Nail Guns, Staple Guns & Riveting ToolsAir-Powered Nail Guns, Air-Powered Riveting Tools, Air-Powered Staple GunsNAAir Inlet: 0.25 - 0.375 NPT
Max. Air Pressure: 70- 120 psi
Framing, Brad, Finishing
Air-Powered SawsAir-Powered Concrete Chain Saws, Air-Powered Hacksaws, Air-Powered Reciprocating SawsNA6.5 hp
87 - 90 psi
Air-Powered Wrenches & RatchetsAir-Powered Impact Wrenches, Air-Powered Ratchets, Air-Powered Torque Wrenches & NutrunnersNA0.125 - 0.5 NPT
Pressure: 90 psi

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