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Droughts, erratic monsoons, and groundwater level depletion has made dozens of countries turn to desalination plants to provide their citizens with access to clean drinking water. Thanks to the advances in desalination technology, seawater desalination is no longer infeasible. EuroIndustriel helps you source the best equipment for your desalination plant, irrespective of the technology you use.

Thermal Desalination System

Agitator For Flash Mixer Coagulant Dosing Arrangement Condensate Collectors
Dissolving Basket Electro Chlorination System Energy Recovery Device
Heat Recovery Evaporators Multi-Stage Flash System Single Stage Flash System
Flow Control Station Gas Chlorination System Heat Exchangers
Brine Heaters Feed/ Media For Clarifier 1st Pass Membranes
UF Membranes Flash Mixers Interconnecting Pipings
Safety Showers UF Skids Sludge Pit
Stilling Chamber Filtered Sea Water Tanks Permeate Tank
Suck Back Tanks Surge Tanks

Multistage Flash Distillation (MFD)

Acid Injection Unit Bine Recycling Unit Brine Blow Down
Brine Feed System Brine Pool Thermo Compressors
Decarbonator Demister Heaters
Condensed Water Pumps Liquid Discharge Pumps Sea Water Cooling System
Distillate Trays Condenser Tubes Water Boxes

Pre Treatment & Filtration System

Filter Air Blowers CEB Backwash Dosing System Clarifier
Electro Chlorination System Filter Water Storage Cartridge Filters
Dual Media Filters Pressure Sand Filters First Pass R.O System
Flocculators Flow Control Station Hypo Degassing System
Flash Mixers Flash Mixers Backwash Pumps
CEB Backwash Pumps Ultra Filtration Skids (UF) Stilling Chambers
UF Product Water Tanks UF Permeate Cum Back Wash Ultra Filtration System

Multi Effect Distillation (MED)

Antiscalant Dosing Unit Evaporator Cells Condensers
Vacuum Condensers Hogging Ejectors Vacuum Ejectors
Evaporator Tube Bundle Feed Distribution Headers Make-Up Filters
Self Cleaning Filters Feed Inlet Manifolds MCC & Control Panel
NCG Venting Spray Nozzles Blowdown Pipings
Recirculation Pipings Sea Water Pipings Adjustable Orifice Plates
Tube Plates Pre-Heaters Tube Support Grids



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