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Steel & Metal Processing Machineries, Equipment and Spare Parts.

The steel industry plays a massive role in the economy, and steel plants are rightly seen as the powerhouses of national economies. However, finding the right equipment for steel plants is a significant challenge as the supply chain for these industries is spread across countries. With years of experience and expertise in procurement, EuroIndustriel helps you find the right equipment for your steel plant, giving you an edge over your competition.

Metal Processing

Annealing Line Plants Casting Plant Coke Oven Batteries
Steel Melting Converters Cranes & Hoists Direct Reduction Plants
Blast Furnaces Galvanizing Line Plants Material Handling Systems
Mills Pallet Plant Pickling Line Plants
Power Plants Rolls - Forged Rolls Sinter Plant
Sponge Iron Plants Steel Melting Plant

Chemical Finishing

Industrial Cleaners Membrane Cleaners Powder Coating Equipment
Processing Media Shot Blasting System Slide Grinding Systems
Surface Coating Equipment Wet Paint Equipment

Metal Casting & Molding

Melting Furnace Mini Propane Kiln Propane Pot
Electrical Melting Kiln Crucibles Pouring Moulds
Stir Rods Heat Resistance Surface Safety Gears
Flux Feedstock Preparation System Injection Molding System
Thermal Debinding System Chemical Debinding System Sintering Furnace

Annealing Equipment

Peelers H&T Lines Bull Block
Rebar Mills Tubes & Bars Annealing Lines
Bell Furnaces Decarburizing Lines Bar Peeling Machine
Final Annealing Lines Bright Annealing Lines

Coke Oven Plants

Charging Cars Pusher Machines Coal Stamping Machine
Coke Transfer Machine Quenching Locomotives Self Propelled Quenching Cars
Pushing Emissions Control System Stamping Stations Screw Feeders
Self Rotating Nozzle Gun Smart Ram Coke Drums
Constant Volume Hoppers Gas Tight Spillage Gates Charging Hole Frame & Lid Cleaner
Sealed Telescope Oven Top Vacuum Cleaners Lid Luting System
Wet Quenching Cars

Metal Folding & Welding

Panel Benders Hold Down Clamps Long Folders
Metal Folders Manipulators Hydraulic Sheet Folders
Manual Sheet Folders Universal Sheet Folders Arc Welders
Gas Welders MIG Welders Resistance Welders
Resistance Welders Welding Positioners

Surface Treating Solutions

Anti-Weld Spatter Treatment System Anti-Scuff Coating System Ceramic Coating System
FEP Coating System Manganese Phosphate Coating System PVD Coating System
PFA Coating System PTFE Coating System Nickel Electroless Plating Systems
Hard Chrome Electroplating System Liquid Nitriding System Dry Film Lubricant System
Nickel-Chrome Plating System Super-Finishing System

Steel Plant Components

Slab Casters Combustion Chamber Water Cooled Ducts
Upper & Lower Hoods Ladles Mould Oscillators
Water Cooled Panels Furnace Shells Upper & Lower Shells
Slab Roller Tables Steel Plant Auxiliary Equipment Tundish & Tundish Car
Ladle Turrets VD Vessel & Covers Water Cooled Furnace Roof

Rolling Mill Equipment

Accumulator Dummy Bars Billet Casters
Coil Cars Coilers Vertical Edgers
Shear Base Frames Coiling Furnaces Tunnel Furnaces
Hydraulic Side Guides Laminar Cooling System Plate Finishing Lines
Beveling Mills Cold Rolling Mills Foil Rolling Mills
Hot Strip Mills Skin Pass Mills Spiral Pipe Mills
Stainless Steel Tube Mills Tube & Pipe Mills Recuperator
Ring Rolling Machine Slab Charger & Discharger Slab Reject Roller Tables
Straightening Machines Table Bridge Transfer Cars
Turn Over Device & Roller

Material Handling

C-Hook L-Type Coil Cars Pit Type Coil Cars
Transfer Coil Cars V-Bed Coil Cars Belt Conveyors
Screw Conveyors Cranes & Hoists Downlayer & Conveyor
Vibratory Feeders Lifting Bar Coil Lifters
Pallet Lifts Banding Line Packaging Line
3D-Combi Screens Flip-flow Screens Mobile Screens
Recycling Waste Screens Stangensizer Strip Accumulator

Finishing & Fabricating

Laser Cutting System Angle Line Electrolytic Cleaning Line
Grinding/ Brushing Line Sanding Line Sanitizing Line
Satin Finishing Line Sheet Polishing Line Press Brakes
Plate Bending Rolls Oscillating Edge Sanders Band Saws


Profile Blades Profile Shear Blades Curved Crop Knives
Cut-to-length Knives Flying & Dividing Knives Hot Crop Knives
Pendulum Shear Knives Rotary Drum Knives Rotary Shear Knives
Rotary Slitter Knives Scrap Chopper Knives Shear Cut Knives
Shear Knives Side Trimmer Knives Slab Shear Knives
Straight Crop Knives Vector Crop Knives Machine Ways
Slitter Tooling Spacers Polyurethane Bonded Spacers
Polyurethane Bonded Spacers

Blast Furnace Accessories

Cast House Machine Charging Arrangements Charging Distributors
Columns (CH) Pig Casting Machines Cooling Plates
Rolling Stocks Technical Structure Valves
Belt Control Winches Skip Winches

Blast Furnace Accessories

Anchorages Bend and Valve Assembly Buckstays
Coal Charging Cars Coke Guide Cars Coke Quenching Cars
Red Hot Coke Cars Charging/Discharging Devices Benzol Stripping Columns
Primary Gas Coolers Cross Over Gas Mains Sealing Frames
Gas Collecting Mains Coal Tower Gates Charging Hoists
Skip Hoists Travelling Hoists Coke Pushers
Tie Rods Reversing Winches

Steel Melting Convertors

Hot Metal Mixers Ingot Mould Cars L.D. Convertors
Ladles & Stands Slag Pot Transfer Cars Hot Metal Transfer Cars
Steel Ladle Transfer Cars Self Propelled Cars

Levelers & Winders

Scrap Choppers Filtration System Coil Flatteners
Roll Flatteners Wagner Flatteners Levelers
Inverted Levelers Inverted Sheet Levelers Precision Levelers
Tension Leveling Line Scrap Rollers Stacker System
Straightener Single Scrap Winders Twin Scrap Winders

Machine Tool

Gear Shaper Cylindrical Grinders Roll Grinders
Infeeding Rotary Table Multi Strip Blanking Line Multi Strip Blanking Line
Blanking Presses Clearing Presses Danly Presses
Frame Presses Friction Screw Presses Maxi Stamper Presses
Transfer Presses Turret Punch Presses Vertical Turnings

Misc Steel Processing

Axis Machine Blast Machine Allied Boilers
Roll Coaters Exit Stacking Conveyors Air Dryers
Pinch Roll Feeders Angle & Plate Lines Beam Welding Line
Coil Breakdown Line Steel Drum Forming Line Traverse Winding Line
Welded I-Beam Line Pinion Stand & Drives Plate Drilling Machines
Plate Processing Machines Rotary Punch Circular Saws
Scrap Magnet Swager Threading/Peeling Table
Vacuum System Coil Joining Welders

Recoilers & Roll Forming

Steel Line Air Feeders Coil Feed Line Heavy Duty Press Feed
Roll Forming Line Servo Feed Line Cut-Off Presses
Recoiler Right Angle Drives Panel Roll Former
CRM Rolls HRM Roll Sendzimir Rolls
Surface Hardened Rolls Volume Hardened Rolls Double End De-Coilers
Mandrel De-Coilers

Milling Machines

Bridge Type Milling Machine Diametric Axis Machining Double Column Machining
Horizontal Boring Machine Horizontal Multi Axis Machine Turn Type Mills
Multi Axes Machining System Pallet Type Machining System Rotary Table Machining System
Vertical Axis Machining System

Turning Solutions

Gantry Loading & Unloading Machine Multi Axes Machining System
Ram Head Spindles Multi Axes Turning Machines Swiss Type Turning Machines
Twin Spindle Turning Machines Vertical Turning Center


Crop Shears High Speed Shears High Strength Shears
Hydraulic Shears Hydraulic Squaring Shears Line Shears
Mechanical Shears Power Squaring Shears Shear Stacker

Metal Forming

Ball & Roller Bearings Machine Tool Table Pin Type Triple Ring Bearings
Spherical Bearings Triple Ring Bearings Hydraulic Edge Bevellers
Roller Bolts Hydraulic Press Brakes 4 Row Pin Cages
Car Measurement Cold Former Double Stroke Cold Headers
Metal Cutters Hydraulic Keyseating Machine Cold Rolling Mills
Bending Pin Rollers Support Rollers


Bentonite Calcium Chloride Chromium
Citric Acid Cobalt Acetate Iron
Magnesium Manganese Molybdenum
Nickel Niobium Oxygen
Phosphorus Tantalum Tellurium
Vanadium Ytterbium

Sheet Metal Cutting

Lathe Machines Turret Punch Presses Plasma Cutting Machines
Servo Hydraulic Cutters CO2 Laser Cutters Water Jet Cutters
Table Type Plasma Cutters Fiber Laser Cutters 4-Roll Plate Benders
3 Rolls Plate Benders Multi Axis Plasma Cutters

Drilling & Wire Cut

CNC Wire Cutters EDM Reciprocating Wire-Cutters EDM Travelling Wire-Cutters EDM
Die Sinking EDM Bench Drilling Machine Deep Hole Drilling Spindles
EDM Drilling Machines Hole Drills EDM Honing Machines
Vertical Honing Machines

Grinding Machine

Cam Shaft Grinders Center Less Grinders Crank Shaft Grinders
Creep Feed Grinders Cylindrical Grinders Double Disc Grinders
Drill-Tap Grinders Gear Grinders Special Purpose Grinders
Surface Grinders Thread Grinders

Turnstiles & Uncoilers

Push Off Arms 2-Arm Rotek Turnstiles 3-Arm Coil Turnstiles
4-Arm Exit Turnstiles 4-Arm Turnstiles Single Arm Turnstiles
Double Cone De-Coilers Double End De-Coilers Expandable De-Coilers
Feed De-Coilers Mandrel De-Coilers Stub Mandrel De-Coilers
Wean De-Coilers Weymouth De-Coilers

Tube & Pipe Components

Gravity Type Descramblers Torrance Expanders Band Saw Line
Re-Metallizing System Rotary Tube Straighteners Pipe Straighteners
Steel Pipe Straighteners Hydrostatic Testers Thermatool Cut-Off
Tube Drawing Machines Laser Welders Shear End Welders
Solid State Welders

Slitting Line

Triple Injector Head Banding Line Eco-Loop Slitting Line
Foil Slitting Line Heavy Gauge Slitting Line Injector Head Slitting Line
Loop Slitting Line Mino Slitting Line Precision Slitting Line
Robot Loop Slitting Line Traverse Winding Line Tooling Capstan Loop
Turret Recoiler Loops Strip Cleaning System

Tube Finishing

Tube & Pipe Benders Vertical Tube Benders Coil End Joiners
Tube Re-Cut Machines Dedimpler & Deburring Machine Double Saw Cut-Off
Coating Lines Entry Tube Loaders Polisher
Bundle Band Saws Friction Saws Hot Saws
Eddy Current Testers Threader Machine Victaulic Grooving
Tube Washing System



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