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Are you looking for premium industrial fasteners in small batch quantities? Or do you need customised industrial fasteners for your specific applications?

EuroIndustriel can help. We are the partner of choice for businesses of all sizes and across sectors. We supply and distribute standard and custom industrial fasteners and fixing for a variety of industries. Quality-assured, world-class products are our speciality. We provide industrial fasteners to industries like oil and gas, automotive, defence, manufacturing, and more. 

With laser-focused attention on product quality, quick turnaround times and excellent customer service, we are a trusted industrial supplies partner of hundreds of businesses and overseas.

Why Buy Industrial Fasteners from EuroIndustriel?

  • No minimum orders – Order a large or small batch at your convenience
  • Customised or Standard products depending on your requirements
  • Quick turnaround – Get your industrial supplies as promised with no time delays
  • Products for all Industries – EuroIndustriel offers high-quality industrial fasteners for all sectors

Industrial Fasteners Product Range

Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Washers Screws
Fixings & Anchors
Threaded Rod & Stud Bolts
Wire Threaded Inserts
Sheet Metal Fasteners
Security Fasteners
Pipe Clamps
Pins & Unthreaded Fasteners
Collated Nails & Nail Packs
Drills, Abrasives and Sealants

Why Buy Industrial Fasteners from EuroIndustriel?

  • Is your organisation finding it difficult to find industrial fastener suppliers?
  • Are you looking for quick deliveries without compromising the quality of the product?
  • Do you need alterations or modifications on specific fasteners?

As the leading industrial fasteners suppliers, we can solve all your problems.

No problems! We Can Solve It All!

Get in touch with our team to find high-quality industrial fasteners at the best prices.

HEX NUTM4 - M27Steel, Stainless Steel, BrassBlack Oxide, Hot Dipped Galvanized, NL-19(SM), Plain, Zinc Chromate, Zinc Plated
COUPLING NUTM5 - M24Stainless Steel, Bronze, SteelBlack Oxide, Plain, Zinc Plated
FLANGE NUTM2.5 - M64Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, NylonBlack Oxide, Cadmium, Chrome Plated, Metric Blue, NL-19(SM), Phosphate and Oil, Plain, Silver Plated, Waxed, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow, Zinc Yellow CR+3
LOCK NUTM4 - M12Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Vinyl Ester ResinHot Dipped Galvanized, Plain, Zinc Plated
SQUARE NUTM12 - M22Steel, Stainless SteelChrome Plated, Plain, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow
WHEEL NUTS AND CAPSM3 - M16Plain Stainless Steel, Plain SteelNA
HEAVY HEX NUTSM30 - M42Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, BrassBlack Oxide, DAC 500B, Hot Dipped Galvanized, NL-19(SM), Plain, Zinc Plated
JAM NUTSM2 - M36Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Steel, BrassPlain, Yellow Zinc Plated, Zinc Plated
Carriage BoltsM5 - M16Stainless Steel, SteelZinc Plated, Chrome Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, NL-19(SM), Plain (369)
Flange BoltsM6 - M20SteelPhosphate and Oil, Plain, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow
Plow BoltsM6 - M20Carbon Steel, Alloy SteelPlain, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow
Square Head BoltsM6 - M24SteelPlain, Zinc Yellow
Anchor BoltsM5 - M10Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Zinc, LeadZinc Plated, Zinc Yellow-Chromate Plated, Galvanized, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Trivalent Zinc Plated
Hex BoltsM3 - M64Stainless Steel, Steel, Not Graded NylonAnodized, Armor Coat, Black Oxide, Blue Phosphate, Chrome Plated, Furnace Black, Hot Dipped Galvanized, NL-19(SM), Plain, Yellow Passivated, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow, Zinc Yellow CR+3
T-BoltsM4 - M48Steel, Black-Oxide Steel, Zinc-Plated SteelNA
Socket Head ScrewsM1.4 - M48Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Brass, Titanium, Aluminum, Nickel, BronzeBlack Oxide, Zinc Plated, Passivated, Blue Dyed, Cadmium Plated, Zinc-Aluminum Coated, Silver Plated, Zinc-Flake Coated, Chrome Plated, Blue Anodized
Shoulder ScrewsM1.6 - M33Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Brass, Aluminum, Titanium, NickelBlack Oxide, Passivated, Zinc Plated, TiCN Coated
Flat Head ScrewsM0.5 - M30Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Plastic, Aluminum, TitaniumPassivated, Black Oxide, Zinc Plated, Cadmium Plated, Blue Dyed, Chrome Plated, PTFE Coated, Painted
Machine ScrewsM1 - M3Stainless Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Nylon, PEEK, Polycarbonate, SteelBlack Oxide, Natural, NL-19(SM), Passivated, Plain, Unfinished, Zinc Plated
Sheet Metal ScrewsM5.5 - M10Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Case Hardened Steel, Hardened Steel, SteelBlack Oxide, Black Phosphate, Bright Zinc, Chrome, Furnace Black, Plain, Silver Dacromet, Yellow Zinc, Yellow Zinc Plated, Zinc, Zinc Chromate, Zinc-Plated, Zinc-Plated w/ Painted White Head
Drywall ScrewsM6 - M18Steel, Carbon SteelBlack Phosphate, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow-Chromate Plated, Zinc-Aluminum Coated
Wood ScrewsM2.9 - M16Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Case Hardened SteelBlack Phosphate, Durafast, Gray, Green, LUBE, Phosphate, Plain, Red, Tan, Yellow Zinc, Yellow Zinc Dichromate, Zinc Plated
Square WashersM6 - M30Stainless Steel, Case Hardened Steel, Diamond Top Steel, SteelBlack Oxide, Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Plain, Unfinished, Zinc Plated
Flat WashersM1.6 - M72Alloy Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel, Nylon, PEEK, Phenolic, Stainless Steel, Steel, TitaniumAnodized, Armor Coat, Black Oxide, Chrome Plated, DAC 500B, Furnace Black, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Metric Blue, NL-19(SM), Plain, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow
Lock WashersM2 - M130Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Phosphorus Bronze, Spring Steel, Silicon Bronze, SteelArmor Coat(TM), Brite, Chrome, Delta Protect, Furnace Black, Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Metric Blue, NL-19(SM), Plain, Yellow Passivated, Yellow Zinc, Yellow Zinc Plated, Zinc, Zinc Plated, Zinc-Plated Steel
Structural WashersM8 - M36Carbon Steel, Iron, Malleable Iron, Stainless Steel, SteelHot Dipped Galvanized, Plain, Zinc
Dowel Pin1mm - 25mmStainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened Steel, Nylon, Plastic, WoodPassivated, Plain
Spring or Roll Pin1mm - 20mmCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel, SteelPassivated, Plain, Zinc Plated
Grooved Pin1.4mm - 8mmFree Cutting Steel, Low Carbon Steel, SteelPlain, Zinc, Zinc Plated
Split Pin Aluminum, Brass, Nickel, Stainless Steel, SteelCadmium Yellow-Chromate Plated, Zinc Plated
Common Nails4d - 20dSteelNA
Box Nails4d - 20dSteelNA
Finishing Nails3d - 16dSteelNA
Drywall NailsNASteelNA
Roofing Nails1 inch - 2.5 inchSteelNA

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