Complete Guide to Buying Solar Batteries in India

Are you looking to make the switch to clean and green energy, but not sure where to start? EuroIndustriel, the leading supplier of solar batteries in India, provides you with all that you need to know before buying solar batteries. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic.

What is a solar battery?


Just like a regular battery, a solar battery stores energy. But the key difference is that it is paired with an off-grid or hybrid solar panel system. It’s also known as solar power battery, solar panel battery or solar storage battery. They work in tandem with a solar inverter and provide electricity during a power outage. The solar battery helps you store the extra power generated from the solar panels and use it as and when needed.
If you want to make the switch to solar energy, then a solar battery is a must. Installing a solar battery in your office or home makes you rely less on the electricity from the grid. The power generated by your solar panels are stored in the battery. Any excess power generated is fed into the grid helping you cut down on electricity costs. You can use the power stored in the battery during a power cut.

Types of Solar Batteries


Solar batteries are classified into two categories:

  • Tubular solar battery
  • Lithium-ion solar battery

1. Tubular solar battery

It is also known as lead acid tall tubular solar battery. It’s the oldest yet reliable battery technology. They are suitable for use with off-grid solar panels, solar lighting system, solar street lights and hybrid solar panels. These batteries are suited for all solar applications. They are C-10 rated and come with slow charging capabilities. For solar panel systems, these batteries are charged using low amperes. These batteries require topping up with distilled water once every 3 to 6 months. These batteries are highly reliable and can store maximum power.

Advantages of Tall Tubular Solar Batteries:

  • High efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Long working life of 5 to 7 years
  • Charges for more than 1500 life cycles
  • Easy to install, access and maintain
  • No heavy maintenance – just top up with distilled water every 3 to 6 months
  • Low repair/maintenance cost

Disadvantages of Tall Tubular Solar Batteries:

  • These batteries are heavy and require plenty of storage space
  • Timely water refill is necessary to prevent electricity draining

2. Lithium-ion Solar Battery

This is another popular type of solar battery. It has an extremely long life and has high current rating. The biggest advantage of a lithium-ion battery is that is have high lifecycle around 5000 cycles compared to the 1500 cycles of regular tubular battery. Their high charging capabilities makes it easy to harvest and store more energy from solar panels. These batteries are generally used in modern street lighting and solar powered bikes and cars.
The best type of lithium-ion battery is the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). These batteries are extremely stable, safe and run for 15 to 20 years without any maintenance. They have good electrical performance and low resistance. They work with hybrid solar systems and off-grid solar systems.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Solar Batteries:

  • Long energy life cycle up to 5000 life cycles
  • More efficient than tubular batteries
  • Zero maintenance
  • 95% depth of discharge (DoD)
  • Eco-friendly

Disadvantages of Lithium-ion Solar Batteries:

  • More expensive when compared to tubular batteries

Highlights of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries have become mainstream in the last few years. With the push to clean energy, more and more consumers are switching to solar panels to meet a part of their electricity demands. Solar batteries are designed for use with solar panels and offer the following benefits:

i. Excellent efficiency

The efficiency of any battery depends on how well it can store electricity. Solar batteries have excellent energy efficiency. They maximise the electricity generated from the solar panels and helps you become more and more energy independent.

ii. Long life cycle

Solar batteries have very long-life cycles making them a worthwhile investment. Lead-acid tubular batteries work up to 1500 cycles, while lithium-ion batteries last up to 5000 life cycles.

iii. Trip efficiency

Solar batteries have excellent trip efficiency. As a result, the power loss during transmission is extremely low, helping you make the most of the stored electricity in the battery.

iv. Premium design

Solar batteries are made using durable materials and are designed to last for years. They are robust and suitable for both offices and residential applications.

v. Water level indicators

Most tubular solar batteries come with water level indicators. This shows how much water is present inside the battery and indicates the time when you need to top it up.

vi. Low maintenance

Solar batteries are low maintenance. Tubular batteries require distilled water top-up once every 3 to 6 months, while lithium-ion batteries do not require any maintenance. There is no additional maintenance or repairing cost.

Tips to keep in Mind while Choosing a Solar Battery

i. Check the capacity of the battery

The capacity of a battery is usually measured in ampere-hour (Ah). The higher the battery capacity, the more energy it can store and the longer you can run appliances on battery life.

ii. Consider the Round-Trip Efficiency

The round-trip efficiency is a measure of stored electricity in the battery that can be used. The rest of the energy is lost. Look for solar batteries with a round-trip efficiency of at least 80%.

iii. Factor the depth of discharge

Another important factor to consider is the depth of discharge (DoD). The DoD is a measure of the capacity or percentage that can be discharged from a fully-charged battery. To give an example, if a battery has a DoD of 80% connected with a 5kWh solar system, then you should not utilize more than 4kWh power before recharging the battery. Look for batteries with a higher DoD.

Use these tips to find the right solar batteries for your requirements. If you need any further help, you can get in touch with EuroIndustriel, to find the best solar batteries at the best prices in India. 


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