Top 5 Types of Industrial Fasteners

If you have ever done a sewing project, then you probably know how important fasteners are to the final outcome. Securing the cloth in place with the right fasteners helps you get a clean and flawless look. Not just sewing, fasteners play a key role in several projects. They are also used in a variety of industries for various projects. In this guide, we walk you through all that you need to know about fasteners, what are they, types and more.

What is a fastener?

A fastener is an umbrella term that refers to a category of tools like bolts, nuts, and screws. The primary goal of a fastener is to hold objects together. This brings us to an interesting question, “Is glue a type of fastener?” Technically no! Glue doesn’t hold objects together. Rather it sticks them together. The fastener, on the other hand, holds objects together temporarily usually for the duration of the project.
Fasteners create a non-permanent joint between objects. When you remove the fastener, the objects held together move apart without causing any damage. The one exception to a fastener is a rivet. Though rivets are fasteners, they create permanent joints.

Types of Fasteners

Let’s look at the common types of fasteners and understand how they work:

1. Screws


Screws are one of the most common and versatile fasteners. It has a threaded shaft that gives it holding power. To use a screw, you first have to drill a pilot hole on the material and then drive in the screw using a screwdriver. The common types of screws include:

Wood screws
Deck screws
Drywall screws
Sheet metal screws
Machine screws
Masonry screws
MDF screws

2. Nails


Nails are another popular fastener that has been in use since time immemorial. Nails are an everyday household item and you probably have seen dozens of nails and screws in your utility cupboard. A nail works just like a screw, but the major difference is that nails do not have a high holding power like a screw. However, nails have a higher shear strength, making them a better choice for certain applications. Some of the common types of nails include:

Common nails
Box nails
Brad nails
Finishing nails
Drywall nails
Flooring nails
Framing nails
Roofing nails

3. Bolts, Nuts and Washers

Bolts and nuts are another common example of fasteners. They work together to hold objects in place. First, you have to insert the bolt through the two parts you want to join, then hold it in place with a nut on one end. Some of the common types of bolts include:

Bolts, Nuts and Washers
Carriage bolts
Flange bolts
Plow bolts
Hex head bolts
Square head bolts
Allen bolts
Some of the common types of nuts include:
Coupling nuts
Flange nuts
Hex nuts
Lock nuts
Slotted nuts
Square nuts
Wheel nuts


While nuts and bolts can work on their own, sometimes you have to add another component in between. This is the washer, a flat disc that has an opening in the centre. The washer helps in distributing the load evenly. Some of the common types of washers include:

Beveled washers
Flat washers
Lock washers
Structural washers

4. Anchors

Just like a boat’s anchor, the anchor fastener fixes materials to concrete or drywalls. It embeds itself in the material helping to keep the object in place. Some of the common types of anchors include:

Internally threaded anchors
Externally threaded anchors
Screw anchors
Sleeve anchors
Masonry screw and pin anchors
Hollow wall anchors
Drive anchors

5. Rivets


As mentioned above, rivets are a specific type of fasteners that creates a permanent joint between two objects. It contains a cylindrical shaft with a head and tail. Using a special tool, you can expand the tail, so that the rivet is attached permanently in place. They are highly durable when compared to other types of fasteners. Some common types of rivets include:

Blind rivets
Solid rivets
Drive rivets
Semi-tubular rivets
Split rivets

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