Why Are Valves Important? The Top Valve Supplier In UAE Explains!

You might not realize it, but valves are everywhere. They form a huge part of our lives. Just think about all the things in your life that use valves. The kitchen sink, the car engine, the sprinklers in your lawn – all of these things (and many more) wouldn’t work without valves.
Valves are a unique and important part of nearly every industry. They’re used to secure safe and reliable flows of fluids in pipes, and this happens in most process industries. From the manufacturing of products like cars and airplanes to the production of materials like pharmaceuticals, valves are an integral part of the process.
As one of the leading valve suppliers in the UAE, we see millions of valves in work day and night, keeping our world running smoothly. Here are a few fascinating facts about valves that we think you’ll enjoy.

What Are Valves?


Valves are mechanical devices that regulate the flow of fluids and gases in pipelines, machines, and complex automated systems. They are responsible for reducing or increasing flow, starting or stopping flow, controlling flow direction, and relieving pressure in pipelines. Valves can be operated manually or by a pedal, wheel, or other device. To meet the needs of the machines and industries, different valves perform differently.

Why Are Valves Necessary?


One of the main reasons valves are so important is that they help to ensure the safety of process plant operations by regulating and controlling process flows. This is done by constantly monitoring parameters such as pressure, temperature, and level and then adjusting accordingly. This helps to avoid potential hazards and ensures that processes run smoothly. Without valves, it would be very difficult to maintain safe conditions in process plants. We are the top valve supplier in the UAE, and our valves find a place in all kinds of manufacturing and other industrial plants.
The key to a successful valve is proper functioning. No matter the liquid, valves need to function steadily and efficiently. This means that they must withstand high and low pressure, hot and cold temperatures, and a wide range of other conditions. If they can do this, then the valve will be able to function properly and reliably.

Valves are Engineered to Work Under Extreme Conditions

Valves are designed to be durable and reliable. They are often made from materials like stainless steel, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means valves can last many years, even with heavy use. In addition, they are designed to work in a variety of conditions.
In addition, valves are designed to work in a variety of conditions. This means they can be used in harsh environments, including those with high and low temperatures, high and low pressure, and a wide range of other conditions. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of industries. For example, they are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, where they must be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry, where they must meet strict standards for quality and safety. In addition, valves are used in many other industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.
At Euroindustriel, we pride ourselves in producing precision valves that offer higher safety standards, making us the most sought after valve dealer in the UAE.

Valves Are Practically Everywhere


You might not realize it, but valves are practically everywhere. Most of the world’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) and pulp flows through valves. Do you have water taps in your home? Valves. Your car engine, fridge, and washing machine all use valves. Are you at work, did you know that your air conditioning has some kind of valve working in it? Using the elevator? There is a valve working in there.
Euroindustriel has been in the valve business for many years as a reputed valve supplier in the UAE. With a team of experts and engineers working towards quality and innovation, we can provide top-notch valves for every industry.

Did You Know That Valve Functioning Can Be Automated?


The proper functioning of valves is essential for the smooth running of any process. This is why valves installed in extreme conditions can be automated to prevent human intervention. By automating the valves, we can ensure that they are functioning properly and reliably. This is important in industries where safety is a concern, such as heavy metal industries and nuclear power plants.

Commonly Used Valve Types

Different valve types serve different purposes in an industrial plant. It is important to use the right valve for the job.

1. Gate Valves


Gate valves are used to control the flow of liquids through pipelines. The valves are attached to the pipelines to start and stop the flow of any fluid. Gate valves are commonly found in homes and commercial buildings. They aid in energy conservation, lowering overall industry costs. They are ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

2. Solenoid Valves


Solenoid Valves are electrically controlled. They are suitable for clean liquids and gases. They open, close, distribute, or mix media between two or more inlets or outlets. To start or stop the flow and control the fluids in the system, control flow applications required electronically operated valves. These valves are commonly found in heating systems, vacuums, compressed air, car washes, and other similar applications.

3. Iris Valves


Iris valves are used in gravity flow applications to control the discharge of free-flowing and dry materials. They are commonly found on bulk-bag discharge stations, portable and fixed bin bottoms and chutes. Iris Valves are specifically designed to handle and control bulky solids, nonabrasive powders, granular, and pellets.

4. Butterfly Valves


Because of their high accuracy, butterfly valves are very useful in industrial applications. Because of their low cost, they are widely used across industries. Butterfly Valves can be found in a variety of industries such as wastewater treatment, water supply, protection and gas supply, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, food industries, and so on.
Valves play an integral role in human lives, yet we often take them for granted. This article has shed light on how important valves are and how they are used in a variety of industries. Valves are essential for the proper functioning of many different types of machinery and play a vital role in our everyday lives.
As the leading valve supplier in the UAE, Euroindustriel brings you the best valves for your application. Available in every size, shape and type, our high-quality valves have played a key role in the successful operation of many industrial plants. Choose Euroindustriel valves for your needs and we will be glad to assist you.


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