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Leading Supplier of Industrial Inverters and Batteries

An inverter battery is the best way to ensure an uninterrupted 24 x 7 power supply, even when there is a power outage or shutdown. EuroIndustriel is the leading supplier of industrial inverters and batteries. We have a massive range of electricity storage solutions that help in securing your critical applications. 

Why Choose EuroIndustriel as your Industrial Battery Supplier?

EuroIndustriel is your one-stop shop for the best inverter batteries from the leading brands. The highlights of our batteries include:

  • Higher backups
  • Higher power output
  • Guaranteed longer life
  • Ability to withstand frequent and prolonged power outages
  • Better thermal management
  • High DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Lesser top-up frequency

The EuroIndustriel Advantage

  • Safe Batteries

Zero risk of thermal runways. We ensure that all batteries supplied by us pass through stringent quality control before it reaches our customers.

  • Long Life

All our batteries are designed to last for a long time to match the lifespan of your industrial assets. 

  • Economical

We offer high-quality industrial inverters and batteries at the lowest price in the market.

  • Proven Expertise

As no.1 industrial inverters and batteries supplier, we have proven experience providing the best batteries for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

EuroIndustriel - Market Leader in Inverter Batteries

EuroIndustriel has a vast range of inverter batteries to meet the demands of clients from across sectors. Our industrial inverters can power industrial equipment (like forklifts, electric vehicles, golf carts), infrastructure (like solar, telecom, power generation, railway) and more. 

As a trusted supplier of industrial inverter batteries, we offer both:

  • Conventional Lead Acid Tubular Batteries as well as
  • Modern and efficient Lithium-ion Batteries

At EuroIndustriel, we source, supply and distribute the widest range of industrial inverters and batteries. Our batteries range from 50Ah to over 240Ah capacities and cover the broadest spectrum of industrial applications. We market our batteries to both the domestic sector as well as overseas. To know more about our products and find the right industrial inverters and batteries, get in touch with our sales team.

S.No.Inverter TypeCapacity
ASine Wave Home Inverter500 VA - 11000 VA
BSquare Wave Home Inverter500 VA - 1400 VA
S.No.Battery TypeCapacity
AFlat Plate Battery50 AH - 200 AH
BTubular Battery50 AH - 200 AH
CTall Tubular Battery150 AH - 240 AH

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